Automated Logic

Automated Logic has focused on one objective: to develop innovative, intelligent building automation systems that advance operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. It’s intelligent building solutions strive to provide energy efficiency and cost savings to our customers. The WebCTRL product offers features such as OpenADR, occupancy-based controls, Environmental Index™ tool,  and our utility metering and Energy Reports™ package. This allow you to maximize both occupant comfort and energy savings. Automated Logic, uses big data to make buildings intelligent at the highest level.


Building Analytics & Energy Management

Our solutions look at building automation systems as the gathering place, the repository of all operating data and information related to your building. And, with a plethora of energy management services, it not only saves you energy, it lowers costs.

Thermographic Plans & Fault Detection

By displaying information using colors rather than numerical data, we eliminate the need for human calculation and interpretation of issues and circumstances. Furthermore, our FDD can measure, anticipate, provide insight, and automatically respond to system conditions that are not necessarily critical, but may be trending that way.


Our open architecture and support for industry standards make integration with third-party mechanical and electrical building subsystems easy. The system is capable of supporting multiple protocols over a TCP/IP network, allowing many pieces of equipment to be connected directly to the main system backbone.